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Lisbon Experience Helicopter Tours

Lisbon Experience Helicopter Tours

Two new helicopters, each with the capacity for 3 tourists, are going to make tours around Lisbon, from the 1st of June. The cheapest tours are fixed routes, but you’ll be able to pay more if you want a customized one for different experiences, special events and special occasions, such as air baptisms, love declarations and marriage proposals.

At request the company will also provide larger helicopters for bigger groups.
“Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the European capitals with greater attractiveness. The helicopter ride and aerial views of Lisbon provide a unique experience. Lacked in Lisbon to offer the helicopter tours, like they do in other big cities, like New York, Barcelona and others…” told the Lisbon Helicopters company to the media.

The price range is between 35€ to 375€ per person. The website is not yet available, but you’ll be able to contacte them here:

Phone:  +351 962 966 834

Email:   info@lisbonhelicopters.com


Experience the New Time Out Market | NEWS

lisbon experience mercado ribeira time outMercado da Ribeira” is the original name of the place that Time Out magazine rebuilt into the new Lisbon Experience Hot Spot.

Where you used to go only for fresh fruit and vegetables, now you have some of the best restaurants and chefs of Lisbon represented there, under the slogan “Welcome to  the first magazine in the world that you can read, eat and drink it”.


lisbon experience mercado ribeira time out

The dynamic is simple. You grab the food and drinks from one or several restaurants of your choice (not necessarily the same as your family and friends), and go sit in the food court where you’ll be able to interact with everyone there (no being confined to the walls of a traditional restaurant).

lisbon experience mercado ribeira time out

If you’ve been to the Mercado de San Miguel in Madrid you know the concept.


5 Epic Reasons to Visit Lisbon in May & June | NEWS

May and June will be 2 hot month in the Portuguese capital. Learn the top 5 reasons why you MUST come and Experience Lisbon in the upcoming weeks:

1 – MEO Outjazz (summer weekends)

Every weekend in the Summer you will find a garden in Lisbon where you can go and have a glass of wine or beer while enjoying a great (free) jazz concert. Great for a end of the day get together with your friends.

2 – UEFA Champions League Final Experience (24/05)

experience the champions final in lisbon

experience the champions final in Lisbon

The Champions League Final will be an iconic experience for those who’ll be in Lisbon that weekend. Both teams are Spanish – Real Madrid and Atlético – and are expected  to visit our city thousands of fans.

experience the champions final in lisbon

At the stadium – Estádio da Luz – only 61.000 will experience the real live game and environment, but there will be dozens os giant TV screens spread all over the city.

Champions Festival is the name of the biggest additional event happening in Lisbon – Terreiro do Paço. If you don’t have a ticket, stop by!



3 – Rock in Rio Festival Experience (25, 29, 30, 31/05 and 1/06)

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Rock in Rio will be one of the top year event happening in Lisbon. People from all over the world join at Parque da Bela Vista for 5 days of incredible music.

rock in rio lisbon experience 2

rock in rio lisbon experience

Rolling Stones, Robbie WilliamsJustin TimberlakeArcade Fire, Linkin ParkJessie JLord, Steve Aoki and the Queens of the Stone Age are some of the artists that will perform in the main stage – Palco Mundo (World Stage).

rock in rio lisbon experience

rock in rio lisbon experience

4 – The Santos Populares Experience (12/06)

In June all Lisbon comes together celebrating the day of Santo António, the city protector saint.

experience the santos populares lisbon

experience the santos populares Lisbon

Although the main event happens on the 12th at night, and the 13th during the day, the hole month you’ll be able to Experience the Santos through the city decoration, the hidden back alley promenades, the sardines smell and the small themed parties happening in every Lisbon street.

experience the santos populares lisbon

experience the santos populares lisbon

5 – The never-ending sun (all summer)

Lisbon is  a great city to experience all year, but in the summer it has a different magic! 🙂 The amazing sunny day invite you to visit one of the hundreds of beaches surrounding Lisbon, or just to seat on a promenade by the Tagus River.


Lisbon Invaded by 3 Queens | NEWS

Today, the 6th of May, Lisbon welcomed the 3 cruise ships from Cunard: the “Queen Elizabeth”, the “Queen Victoria” and the “Queen Mary 2”.

(Photo by TSF/José Manuel Cabo)

These ships brought approximately 18.000 tourists to spend the day and Experience Lisbon.