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Lisbon Experience Helicopter Tours

Lisbon Experience Helicopter Tours

Two new helicopters, each with the capacity for 3 tourists, are going to make tours around Lisbon, from the 1st of June. The cheapest tours are fixed routes, but you’ll be able to pay more if you want a customized one for different experiences, special events and special occasions, such as air baptisms, love declarations and marriage proposals.

At request the company will also provide larger helicopters for bigger groups.
“Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and one of the European capitals with greater attractiveness. The helicopter ride and aerial views of Lisbon provide a unique experience. Lacked in Lisbon to offer the helicopter tours, like they do in other big cities, like New York, Barcelona and others…” told the Lisbon Helicopters company to the media.

The price range is between 35€ to 375€ per person. The website is not yet available, but you’ll be able to contacte them here:

Phone:  +351 962 966 834

Email:   info@lisbonhelicopters.com


Lisbon Invaded by 3 Queens | NEWS

Today, the 6th of May, Lisbon welcomed the 3 cruise ships from Cunard: the “Queen Elizabeth”, the “Queen Victoria” and the “Queen Mary 2”.

(Photo by TSF/José Manuel Cabo)

These ships brought approximately 18.000 tourists to spend the day and Experience Lisbon.


Lisbon is one of the TOP 10 City Escapes for Spring | NEWS

lisbon xperience

According to the Fodor’s Travel Guide, Lisbon is one of the best cities of Europe to visit in the upcoming months!

Their criteria was based on how romantic cities are in this time of year, mainly through their rich in heritage, architecture, arts, music, and food.

Of course to all this Lisbon ads its natural atmosphere that combined with the upcoming sunny days, make it most romantic city in Europe, impossible not to fall in love! 🙂

lisbon xperience

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“If it means being loaded with atmosphere, charm, great food and nightlife, yet ignored by the bulk of travelers, then Lisbon deserves consideration as Europe’s coolest capital.”

This is how CNN journalist Fiona Dunlop opened her article about Lisbon last Sunday. According to the newspaper, the Portuguese Capital deserves the title of “Coolest City of Europe” due to 7 reasons (the same number of hills in Lisbon):

1 – Never ending Nightlife

2 – Great Cosine (see Lisbon Xperience recommended restaurants)

3 – “Lisbonites” Irony

4 – Sea Coast, Beaches and Old Palaces / Castles

5 – Building Designs

6 – Range of Art

7 – Great Historic Streets 

Read the full CNN article here


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