O Bom O Mau E O Vilão (The Good The Bad and The Ugly) | Restaurants

lisbon experience

We’re proud to introduce you to the new “movie” that can be Experienced at Cais do Sodré (really close to lx boutique hotel).

The name was in fact inspired on Sergio Leone movie, but expect to find a western decorated place.

This Restaurant / Bar is the new trendy place in Lisbon, where you’ll sure find good environment and music.

It’s a great place to chat with your friends, and experience the most amazing cocktails and wines.

We also recommend to try one of their great gins, and enjoy the rest of the night listening and dancing with different DJ Sets.

WHERE: Rua do Alecrim, 21 (See it on Google Maps)

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Nossa Senhora do Monte | VIEWSPOTS


Located in one of the seven hills of Lisbon, close to Graça, has one of the best views of the city. On the left, Grace Church, just down the road, the Tagus and Almada on the other side of the river, stopped by the castle of St. George and the Moorish roofs . Following  the same direction, the Baixa and Carmo at the top. It is also visible Serra de Monsanto, and the north side, the new avenues and Penha de França.

LISBON EXPERIENCEThe Viewpoint of Senhora do Monte is a unique space, either by privileged location, whether the space where it is inserted, evenly combining three key elements for leisure and tourism: green space, panoramic views and cultural heritage. It is a small and panoramic space, shaped like a half-orange, bounded by the Monte Largo.

Click here to Experience the Panoramic View from your computer! 


WHERE: Rua Senhora Monte, 50 (Click to See It on Google Maps)

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Lisbon Experience

Next trip to Lisbon you must Experience Café Luso, the most renowned Fado and Folklore Restaurant in Portugal. Founded in 1927, its history is the history of Fado music itself, since all major singers and musicians performed here.

Lisbon ExperienceLocated in the Bairro Alto district, one of the most typical and historically rich in Lisbon, and also the birthplace of the 1980’s nightlife boom that was to transform behaviours and mentalities;

Café Luso occupies the charming former wine cellars of a 17th century Palace which survived the devastating 1755 earthquake.




FADO NIGHTS: Everynight

ARTISTS: Experience the unique voice of Elsa Laboreiro, Iola Dinis, Isabel Noronha, Filipe Acácio, Marco Rodrigues Pedro Moutinho


WHERE: Travessa da Queimada 10 (Bairro Alto) – See it on Google Maps

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Lisbon Movie Tour | TOURS

lisbon experience

Most people didn’t know but Lisbon has been the set for thousands of international movies (aprox. 16.000). It’s easy to understand why. 🙂

With this in mind, the Italian Liliana Navarra started to organize walking tours around the city, on the locations of some of these movies! With an iPad, she shows scenes from the movies that took place in Lisbon, and guides the small groups into the middle of the action.

According to Liliana, the tours took 2 months to be prepared. Right now there are 2 different movie tours you can choose – Sostiene Pereira and Livro do Desassossego – but you can expect to find new ones really soon.

Here some of the places they will make you Experience in Lisbon:



For more informations about tickets and timetables, visit their website or facebook page.


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Sintra & Cascais | TOURS

Pena Palace Sintra

Fotografia de Ricardo Alves

The past months we’ve been writing about some of the best places and things to do in Lisbon. Although we just wrote a very small percentage of the thousands that exist, today we want to talk about the “life outside Lisbon“.

Just 30 minutes away from the Portuguese Captial, if you head in direction of the Atlantic you’ll find 2 of the most beautiful towns in Portugal – Sintra and Cascais.

LisbonSintra is a green mountain filled with history. Kings and Queens used to spend there their summer vacations, and left us the most amazing palaces and castles to visit and admire. Those were the first center of European Romantic Architecture, and know Sintra is considered World Heritage by UNESCO.

The must visit places in Sintra are the Pena Palace, the Moorish Castle and the Vila’s Palace and its surroundings where you can be delighted with the most amazing pastry, ans romantic walks.

In Cascais you will also find some histtory and architecture, but the main attractions are its beautiful beaches and landscapes.




Here you can find tours that will take you to Xperience these amazing sites:


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Centro Cultural de Belém | MUSEUMS


Although it’s a little far from Lisbon’s downtown, Belém Cultural area is a must visit location.

You can grab the train (10m) or rent a bike and take a wonderful sightseeing ride next to the river.

Once there, among other places, you must visit CCB (Belem Cultural Center), where you’ll find a wide range of exhibitions and activities.

CBB is managed by a private foundation, which purpose is the promotion of culture, developing its creation and dissemination in all its forms, from theater to dance, from classical music to jazz, and from opera to cinema. As a complementary activity, CCB also offers a great center for conferences and professional meetings. 

WHERE: Praça do Império, Belém – Find it on Google Maps

JIANGSU – Chinese Music Orchestra | EVENTS


Today in Lisbon the Chinese Music Orchestra of Jiangsu takes the stage for a concert commemorating the new Chinese year. The repertoire consists of 12 classical and traditional themes run on instruments such as the erhu ,guzheng, pipa ,dizi ,suona and yangqin.

Founded in 2001 ,the Jiangsu Art Group is China’s largest in that it combines various styles of performance art. It currently has over a thousand members who are spread over 11 art groups, dance center, a school, five theaters and several companies. The artists are changing depending on the various public presentations.

The group has acted in several countries in Europe, Asia and America, serving as a bridge for the rest of the world and working as a large window through which its artists reveal the splendor of the culture of their country.

PRICE: € 8.00 (25% discount for under 30 and over 65 and 30% discount for groups of 10 people or more)

DURATION: 75m, no interval

WHERE: Museu do Oriente

CAMPO DE OURIQUE | Neighbourhoods


Today we talk about probably the most peaceful neighborhood of Lisbon. Built by the Engineer Ressano Garcia in 1879, Campo de Ourique is mainly known for its quite streets, and its traditional commerce.

Week or weekend you won’t find here the crowd you would find a shopping center, and still, we’re sure that you will find lots of great things to fill your shopping bags.

Campo de Ourique is also considered the neighborhood with the best living conditions in Lisbon. Fernando Pessoa, that lived some time in Hotel Bragança (lx boutique hotel), also lived next to Campo de Ourique’s market.

This market is the most recent attraction in town. It’s the new meeting point of people of all ages, where you’ll have several new stands (replacing the old fish and fruit stands) with different types of food and drinks.

Besides the market, if you go to Campo de Ourique you must visit Santo Condestável church, have some cakes at Padaria Portuguesa (Portuguese Pastry), eat in one its many good restaurants and take a walk through its beautiful central garden.