JIANGSU – Chinese Music Orchestra | EVENTS


Today in Lisbon the Chinese Music Orchestra of Jiangsu takes the stage for a concert commemorating the new Chinese year. The repertoire consists of 12 classical and traditional themes run on instruments such as the erhu ,guzheng, pipa ,dizi ,suona and yangqin.

Founded in 2001 ,the Jiangsu Art Group is China’s largest in that it combines various styles of performance art. It currently has over a thousand members who are spread over 11 art groups, dance center, a school, five theaters and several companies. The artists are changing depending on the various public presentations.

The group has acted in several countries in Europe, Asia and America, serving as a bridge for the rest of the world and working as a large window through which its artists reveal the splendor of the culture of their country.

PRICE: € 8.00 (25% discount for under 30 and over 65 and 30% discount for groups of 10 people or more)

DURATION: 75m, no interval

WHERE: Museu do Oriente

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