Just a few meters from  the “Pink Street” in Lisbon (close to lx boutique hotel), you will now find a store exclusively dedicated to promote online brands in the offline world.


The Galeria (Gallery) rised from the ruins of the old blacksmith shop of the neighborhood. Its a pop-up store that will give a temporary dwelling for young brands, projects and Portuguese start-ups, that were born mainly in the Social Media channels, and grew over the years with the power of “Word of Mouth”.

Now its time to show them to the real world, and give them the opportunity to highlight their physical qualities to their consumers.

The Galeria wants to be a be a showcase for new projects in various areas and at the same time having a cosmopolitan, relaxed and convivial atmosphere where you can share your experiences.

The space works on a rotating basis so you will find there something new every 2 weeks.

If you want to know more about the Galeria, or to keep up with the new brand in exhibition there, just visit their facebook page.

WHERE – Praça de São Paulo, nº 8 – See it on Google Maps

(And click here if you are looking for ACCOMMODATION IN LISBON)

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