Under 10€ Good Lisbon Restaurants | RESTAURANTS


Here’s a great site to find restaurants in Lisbon, Cascais, and other places in Portugal where you can eat great food and pay less than 10€!

The site is still being built, but you already have there 14 good choices to have a nice and cheap meal during your stay in Lisbon.


If we had to choose one the one where you can have the best Lisbon Experience, it would be the “Tens Bom Remédio” at Alfama, where you can have really nice nibbles like tables of cheeses or typical Portuguese sausages. Also has burgers, pork fillets in the famous “bolo do caco” bread, or in Alentejo bread toasts.

Click here to find more restaurants in Lisbon.

(And click here if you are looking for ACCOMMODATION IN LISBON)

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