PHARMACIA | Restaurants


Inside the same building as the National Association of Pharmacies, Pharmacia restaurant opened in May 2011. Given the location, it is intended to recreate the imaginary and a former pharmacy environment. The restaurant privileges the Portuguese cuisine and has a great variety of what Portuguese like to call “Petiscos” (several small plates of different foods).

It has spirit of conviviality and informality, same as if we were at a friend’s house, sharing platters and conversations. 

The space also includes a cocktail bar, designed from Portuguese drinks like Port Wine, Moscatel, Medronho or Brandymel, which is the specialty of the Chef. 

OPEN: Every day except Mondays, from 1:00 pm until 1:00 am

RESERVATIONS: Advised – 213462146



WHERE:  Rua Marechal Saldanha, 1 – See it on Google Maps


(Click here if you are looking for ACCOMMODATION IN LISBON)

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