If you’re coming to Lisbon, you must experience the city by walking through its streets and neighborhoods, feeling the culture and tradition that live in every detail. 

One of Lisbon’s best gifts to you is the Fado music, considered World’s Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. 

To those who are coming to visit Lisbon this weekend we recommend to take a tour to Listen to the story of Severa, the legendary singer of Fado, get to know the most beautiful love poems, go to the most emblematic places and and to learn multidisciplinary ways that new generations have kept Fado alive. Also, listen to a live singer, and in the end enjoy a Portuguese Typical soup with roast chorizo ​​in one of the city’s Fado houses. All this for 25€!

RESERVATIONS AND MORE INFO (Sunday, 12th of January): (+351) 913 221 790 / 969 233 891 /


(Click here if you are looking for ACCOMMODATION IN LISBON)

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